OpenConceptLab FHIR terminology service allows OCL users to manage resources in FHIR format. The OCL FHIR terminology service is implemented based on IHE’s (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) mobile sharing ValueSets, CodeSystems, and ConceptMaps (mSVCM) profile. Based on mSVCM profile, OCL FHIR terminology service provides ability to retrieve ValueSets, CodeSystems and ConceptMaps along with ability to perform FHIR operations on this resources.


FHIR v4.0.1

HAPI FHIR v5.0.0

Java OpenJDK 14.0.2


In order to build run: docker-compose build


Before running make sure that oclapi2 is running. Check the oclapi2 network by running: docker network list

If it is different than oclapi2_default, please prepend network variable OCLAPI_NETWORK=oclapi to the following run commands.

In order to startup the FHIR service in development mode run: SERVER_PORT=9000 docker-compose up

To run in production run: SERVER_PORT=9000 docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up


Import OCL FHIR Postman Collection into your postman client to test the OCL FHIR endpoints