The API exposes a consolidated view across all repository types from a single repos endpoint. The primary benefit of the repos endpoint is that it allows a user to find a repository without having to consider a repository’s specific configuration in OCL. The repos endpoint only supports listing and searching and is in addition to the dedicated sources and collections endpoints exposed by the OCL API, and the CodeSystem, ValueSet and ConceptMap endpoints exposed by the OCL FHIR Core.

Example uses:

  • GET /repos/?q=ATC - List public repos that match the search criteria

  • GET /orgs/MyOrg/repos/ - List all repos in an org

  • GET /users/username/repos/ - List all repos owned by a user

List all repositories globally or for a specific user or organization

  • List repositories globally or owned by an organization or user

GET /repos/
GET /orgs/:org/repos/
GET /users/:user/repos/
GET /user/repos/
  • Notes

    • Only private repositories that a user has permissions to access are returned in the response

  • Parameters

    • q (optional) string - Search criteria (search across: “name”, “full_name” and “description”)

    • sortAsc/sortDesc (optional) string - Sort results on one of the following fields: “best_match” (default), “last_update”, “name”

    • sourceType (optional) string - Filter results to a given source type, e.g. “dictionary”, “reference”

    • locale (optional) string - Filter results to those with a given locale in their supported_locales, e.g. “en”, “fr”

    • customValidationSchema (optional) string - Filter results to a given validationSchema, e.g. “OpenMRS”

    • canonicalUrl (optional) string - Filter results by canonical URL